The Secret Face


The Secret Face

Iðnó Theatre Reykjavík, Here Arts Center NYC, International Women's Festival Vienna, Bitola Macedonia, Act Alone Festival 


On a world stage where multimedia contradicts nature, a woman in love questions her existence. She asks the world press to witness her story but the press as well as God is busy in Iraq and chasing after Beckham’s affairs. And while waiting she captivates you.  Wrapping up truths and unfolding lies, she buries herself twelve times in the search for her own identity, in the name of love.


Produced and Performed by Pálína Jónsdóttir

Writer Elísabet K. Jökulsdóttir

Director Steinunn Knútsdóttir

Production Design Árni Páll Jóhannsson

Music and Sound Design Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson

Costume Design Filippía Elísdóttir  

Video Artist  Elísabet Rónaldsdóttir 

Additional Music Ugla Hauksdóttir

Photos Bjarni Grímsson