Darkside by Tom Stoppard & Pink Floyd 

Directed by Pálína Jónsdóttir

The play chronicles the story of a young woman named Emily McCoy who's studying moral philosophy. Gifted with brilliance, deep intuition and extraordinary sensibilities she journeys into the realm of the unknown in the quest for answers for her thesis question "What is the Good”? Propelled by a calling to save the world, Emily embarks on an odyssey of unforeseen events accompanied by mysterious voices, encountering miscellaneous characters of thought experiments that leave us wondering about the place for the human heart in our world of fucked-upness. 

This masterfully crafted play by Stoppard, displaying mental, existential, environmental and socio-political themes, originally composed for BBC Radio 2, is now being adapted by me for stage for the Burning Coal Theatre Company in Raleigh, NC. 



Vincent Bland
Fred Corlett
Marc Geller*
Cody Hill
Juan Isler
Brian Linden*
Mac McCord
Davitta Singletary

* Denotes membership in Actors' Equity Association



Matthew Adelson, Lighting Designer
Cristina Bejan, Sound Designer
Adam Budlong, ASM
Ainex Carmona, Master Electrician
Madison Doss, ASM

Marc Geller, Emily's jacket and pants
Andrew Holloway, Lighting Assistant
Barry Jaked, Technical Director
Pálína Jónsdóttir, Costume Designer
Margaux Maeght, Set Designer
Elizabeth Newton, Properties Designer
Skylar Noble, ASM
Cassidy Nolde, Assistant Costumer
Alex Procknow, Production Stage Manager
Joshua Smith, Poster
Meredith Riggan, Painter
Elliot Storey, Video Designer
Carry Vaughan, House Manager
Lillian White, Assistant Director