Babette's Feast


Babette's Feast 

The Connelly Theatre, NYC

Book Isak Dinesen

Conceived, Adapted & Directed by Pálína Jónsdóttir

In a world of division and demonization of the unknown “other”, Babette the great artist and culinary female genius of Paris, seeks political asylum in a remote and religious community in the north of Norway. Having lost everything in the Communard Revolution - the Rights of Man, her family, her freedom - she humbly serves her austere and pious masters who saved her from total perdition.

On the 100th birthday of the town Prophet, Babette cooks an extraordinary French feast culminating in a transformative effect on the spirits of the puritanical members of the community, opening their hearts to sensual joy and their minds to the unseen beauty of the world. 

With a mind to the turbulent socio-political climate, in this production we seek to address the unfounded, xenophobic tendency of some conservative communities to believe that immigrants and political refugees seeking asylum will try to infiltrate and take advantage of or cause damage to the existing social, political  and economic structures of those communities. As an international, artistic collective, we believe in a globalized, multi-cultural society and the overarching commitment of these refugees and migrants (who, like Babette, have lost so much) to the prosperity and cultural expansion of the countries they choose as their new homes. 

This production seeks to investigate and express how certain strains of religious orthodoxy throughout history have had dividing rather than inclusive effects, subjecting humanity to alienation and a guilt-ridden existence as opposed to comfort and reveling in the unique seeds in human nature that give rise to our natural sensuousness, playfulness and creativity. This production is a celebration of these qualities, and a protest against extreme religious dogmas that deprive the Rights of Man. Most importantly, it stands as a celebration of the individuality of the artist whose great art creates the ability to see and discover the divine phenomena of the world.


Creative Crew

Producer Yue Liu

Co-Producer/Company Manager Hallfridur Tryggvadottir

Production Stage Manager Rachel Zucker*

Dramaturg Ida Biering

Composer Hugi Guðmundsson

Set Designer Margaux Maeght

Costume Designer Designer Kat Jeffrey

Costume Designer Lillian Prentice

Costume Supervisor Filppía Elísdóttir

Lighting Designer Cha See

Sound Designer John Salutz

Assistant Sound Designer Garret Hood

Music Consultant Chatori Shimizu

Video/Projections Designer Elliot Storey

Assistant Stage Managers  Alison R. Simone & Patricia Garvey



Albert Bendix - Brother Grocer Larsen

Joan Juliet Buck - Storyteller

Matthew Cohn* - Lorens/General Loewenhielm

Oliva Comett - Madame Loewenhielm

Sanam Erfani - Babette

Cody Eugene - Brother Alf / The Red Haired Devil

Hannah Marie Fonder* - Philippa

Amanda Lee Hawkins - Sister Solveg

Gregory Hermann - Brother Jens Postman

Macy Idzakovich - Sister Madama Oppergaarden

Douglas Jabara* - Achille Papin

Carla Kissane - Sister Marie

Jack Mainsbridge - Skipper Halvorsen

Joe Muzikar* - The Dean

Daniel Quintana - Brother Kurt

Ariane Malia Reinhart* - Martine

Steve Shoup* - Brother Erik Parish Clerk


Photos Carol Rosegg