The Sea Mare - Tableau Vivant


The Seamare 

Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art

A collaboration with Grimanesa Amorós’ multimedia installation Rootless Algas for Origins.

Created and performed by Pálína Jónsdóttir
Beastologist performed by David Rosengarten

Costume Designer Filippía Elísdóttir

On May 27th of 2008, the celebrated Beastologist, Professor Rosengarten, found a living ancient sea beast on the banks of the Hudson River at Peekskill, New York.  After thorough examination of the beast, experts believe it to be the very last example of a rare species known as Seamare - thought to have become extinct somewhere towards the end of the Pagan Era.  Before washing ashore on the Hudson, Rosengarten's living Seamare most certainly traveled 2.744 miles across the Atlantic from its country of origin, Iceland. The beast is little by little recovering from the exhaustion caused by its long and difficult journey. Preliminary evidence shows that this Sea Mare is more than a thousand years old; its survival is most likely due to hibernation in the Icelandic glacier of Snæfellsnes, as the beast most likely was a victim of hypothermia since the time of the Little Ice Age in the years 1300 - 1850 A.D. Reliable sources report that the Seamare occasionally communicates with language, most likely old Icelandic.