Still Life With Commentator


Still Life With Commentator

BAM Harvey Theatre NYC, UNC Chapel Hill NC, Kontrakom Festival Salzburg, Joe's Pub NYC,

There is a saying that history is the story told by the winners. Of course, when history explodes daily on high-definition flat screens, winning seems to take second place to telling. Still Life with Commentator fuses dramatic narrative, poetic lyrics, and musical performance to explore our mediated relationship to violence in a series of lyrical, darkly comic narratives punctuated by live video. As battles rage half a world away, on the home front a new kind of refugee emerges - the infogee- horrified by atrocity, and yet hungry for spectacle, forever lost in incessant web surfing, blogging and speculating. It's a scene in which we see ourselves, as reflected on a television screen, and we can never quite change the channel.  Artistically daring and morally courageous, Still Life with Commentator asks, are you watching yet? 

Composed by Vijay Iyer

Libretto by Michael Ladd

Directed by Ibrahim Quraishi

Set Design by Robert Pyzocha 

Lighting Design by Stephen Arnold 



Guillermo E. Brown

Liberty Ellman

Okkyung Lee

Masa Nakanishi 

Pálína Jónsdóttir

Pamela Z 


Photos Ron Kiley